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WYHK 2013 Annual Concert Junior Choir - Carriers of the Light

The Junior Choir was first established in 2005 mainly for participating in school functions and concerts This year, there are about 40members from Form 1 to 2 with beautiful treble voices Most of the students join Junior Choir because their voices have not started to change yet. The choir aims at encouraging and instilling singing techniques and bonding through competitions whilst trying different repertoire.

Without a doubt the highlight of the choir's achievement is its participation in this year's 65th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and for the forst time in choir's brief history, the members were winners of the category of Junior Boys choir - Singing in a Foreign Language in the 2nd Division. This led them to gain valuable experience in singing in the 2nd Division Choir Finals.

Through the participation of singing, the choir has learnt that the key to success is a mixture of discipline with a strong dose of responsibility and a concert attitude on how to overcome difficulties encountered during on and off rehearsals and bonding with fellow students and their teachers. Moreover, the collaboration of exchanging of different ideas on the interpretation of selected pieces is just as important. Last but not least, the members are glad that music can make Junior Choir become a big family with joy and love.
Date of annual conert
16th May, 2013
bilingual - 廣東話, English
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